The NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to YouTube in 2023

YouTube won the NFL Sunday Ticket Bundle. The giant will therefore broadcast Sunday matches from 2023.

Youtube is ready to broadcast American football. The streaming service has just acquired the rights to broadcast the NFL Sunday Ticket pack, which offers access to matches that FOX and CBS normally broadcast each Sunday. DirectTV, the current beneficiary of the Sunday Ticket, had held those rights since 1994, but the pack is coming to the Mountain View firm’s streaming service for next season.

YouTube won the NFL Sunday Ticket Bundle

Apple and Amazon were also rumored to be in negotiations for this Sunday Ticket. Apple was even very close to winning at one point, but the Cupertino company finally left the negotiating table last week, leaving Amazon and Google to compete.

The Sunday Ticket will be available as an add-on to YouTube TV subscribers or as a standalone option on YouTube Primetime Channels, a pay-per-view service that launched last month. YouTube has not yet revealed the price of this Sunday Ticket pack. For your information, Sunday Ticket deals for the 2022 season on DirecTV started at $294.

YouTube and the NFL did not disclose details of their agreement. According to The Wall Street Journal, YouTube would pay around $2 billion a year on a seven-year contract. That’s about $500 million more than DirecTV was paying. That being said, DirecTV had between 1.5 and 2 million Sunday Ticket subscribers and the service had been losing money on this bundle for years.

The giant will therefore broadcast Sunday matches from 2023

In a statement, the NFL said the league and “YouTube will work together to find other ways to help distribute the NFL Sunday Ticket in commercial establishments like bars and restaurants.” The Wall Street Journal suggests that could require YouTube to pay the league an additional $200 million a year.

The NFL and YouTube have been partners for several years, dating back to when the main league channel debuted on the platform in 2015. Two years ago, YouTube TV subscribers had access to NFL Network and NFL RedZone. Both of these services will remain on YouTube TV under the terms of this extended pact. Additionally, both parties will grant select YouTube creators access to certain events for content opportunities.

This agreement around the Sunday TIcket is a major blow for Google. YouTube TV already hosts other sports, like the NBA and MLB, but having exclusive rights to a package that offers so many NFL games should no doubt attract more users to the streaming service. Amazon Prime Video has an 11-year deal to broadcast Thursday Night Football matches that kicked off this season. Apple is also pushing the live sports market further, with a 10-year deal to stream every Major League Soccer game via Apple TV from 2023.

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