Why Sean Payton must consider the Texans a real NFL comeback option for him

Why Sean Payton must consider the Texans a real NFL comeback option for him

The Houston Texans could be the best long-term base for Sean Payton in an NFL comeback.

Although the New Orleans Saints are to sign up this season, Sean Payton could coach an NFL team near you, perhaps the Houston Texans.

There is no doubt that there are better options at first glance. However, if there’s a potential diamond in the rough when it comes to Payton’s NFL re-entry point, it’s hard to top what the Texans might have in the pipeline, so to speak. Yes, this team absolutely sucks, but Houston has the financial resources and draft capital to land the “free agent” coach.

Here’s why Payton should seriously consider going to the Texans if he wants to be a coach in 2023.

Sean Payton should at least consider the Houston Texans for his NFL return.

Houston is the worst team in the league. The Texans won just one game under Lovie Smith. While parting ways with him after one season would be terrible, just like parting ways with David Culley after one season a year ago, you can’t put a price tag on getting the best head-coaching option. Acquiring Payton would help the Texans get good again.

Realistically, if Payton were to return to coaching, he would want to go to a team where he has a star quarterback. Although Davis Mills is not one, Houston plans to have the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Payton could then choose either Alabama’s Bryce Young or Ohio State’s CJ Stroud. Best of all, the Texans wouldn’t have to trade the first pick…

Indeed, the Texans also have the first round choice of the Cleveland Browns, resulting from the trade of Deshaun Watson. The precedent was set that a head coach who won the Super Bowl will cost a team a first-round pick. Since Payton is better than Jon Gruden at his peak, the Texans could lose more than the Browns’ 2023 first-round pick. It’s about making the deal real.

If the Texans have to give up a future first-round pick, 2024 or so, or other draft capital in the 2023 NFL Draft, so what? Houston will have Payton lined up with Stroud or Young, the two essential pieces to build a championship around. Free agents will want to play on a team whose quarterback is led by Stroud or Young, as well as a team led by the head hall of fame coach.

Besides the draft capital, financial resources, and potential to pick a cornerstone under center, the other big key Houston offers is this: The Texans play in the AFC South! This division was never a banner division, top to bottom. Somehow, Payton might be able to crush this historically toothless division, like he did during his previous stint in the NFC South.

Yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars have Doug Pederson and the Tennessee Titans have Mike Vrabel. However, Tennessee’s narrow championship window is closing sooner rather than later and when was the last time the Jaguars were a well-run operation, year after year? At least when Bill O’Brien was the head coach, Houston was winning double digit games a year and waving division title banners…

Ultimately, other franchises can deliver more glitz and glamor initially on Houston. However, it may be the best place for Payton in the long run, all things being equal. He can build a team from scratch, like he did when he moved from the Dallas Cowboys to the Saints nearly two decades ago. You also have to take into account that the Saints and Texans are regular opponents in preseason games.

Payton may not want to coach Cal McNair, but Houston should be a potential candidate.

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