AVATAR – THE WAY OF WATER – Revenge and Legacy

AVATAR – THE WAY OF WATER – Revenge and Legacy

Life on Pandora is again idyllic. As nothing lasts, an old enemy returns to settle accounts with the hero Toruk Makto.

After Jake Sully’s rebirth as Na’vi and his union with Neytiri, the family they have built lives in harmony and happiness. Grace, who tragically perished more than ten years earlier, is once again embodied in the identity of Kiri, the couple’s adopted daughter. The humans, with the exception of the scientists left in base on Pandora, decided to return to take revenge for the disaster caused by the clash between the Na’vi and their capitalist ambitions. Jake and Neytiri have no choice but to flee in order to protect their people and their family. New alliances will have to form to survive together.

We will have waited for this second opus of Avatar! The good news is that more chapters are being made and written. The beauty of the special and visual effects is fortunately there for a more violent and harsher film than the first. We advance in the evolutions and in the difficulties of the main character now father. A rendering more than splendid. We really take full eyes, ears and especially full heart. The three and a few hours of film pass as usual, we want more. A scenario rich in reversals of situation, in emotions of course and in action since the fighting is raging and the war is clearly there. Perhaps too violent for some and downright enjoyable for others. What is certain is that the patience of the fans is rewarded. It is interesting and exciting to find the same main actors as in the first.

The magic and possibility of digital and its special effects make this possible. In reality, the actors have all naturally aged and the narration should have been greatly modified in live action. It is therefore a benefit for this fantastic science fiction film that computer progress is at the service of cinema. Now that the machine has started again, James Cameron is talking about several other sequels, between three and five more. The ds Na’vi universe will therefore continue to expand for our greatest pleasure. For once, viewing in 3D is an experience that really opens up an immersive dimension to the film.

At home, you will have to dive into the screen by darkening the room as much as possible in order to fully enjoy the world of Pandora. Even if you haven’t seen the first Avatar, you can enjoy the second movie. Missing details about the characters’ backstory and past events are skilfully summarized in the introduction. Clearly, a success for the sequel to a film that we have been waiting for since 2009.

This movie, like the previous one, is not made just for science fiction fans. Lovers of action movies, movies with a philosophy of living in harmony with nature as well as drama lovers will also be satisfied and probably conquered.

Don’t hesitate to include Avatar 2 in your top 3 end-of-year films!

Avatar: The Way of Water
USA – 2022
Duration: 3h00min
Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Director: James Cameron
Starring: Kate Winslet, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Yeoh, Oona Chaplin, Edie Falco
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
14.12.2022 at the cinema

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