“Choeur de Rockers”: rock grandpas and grandmas are resisting!  - Movie theater

“Choeur de Rockers”: rock grandpas and grandmas are resisting! – Movie theater

Rating: 3/5

Dunkirk. Alex has always sung but she never broke through. Her stubbornness to persevere has exhausted the patience of her ex-husband, who sees her as an eternal galley slave, and of her children. She accepts a food job so as not to lose their custody: directing a choir of retirees. She must prepare them to sing as accurately as possible very cushy nursery rhymes for a nice gala evening organized by the mayor. At first reluctant, she will surf on their desire to rediscover their youth and make them repeat more angry titles, in secret from her employer…

Inspired by the story of Salt and Pepper

Like many films telling this kind of edifying stories (such as the recent “The Singing Club” with Kristin Scott Thomas on a choir of military wives), “Choeur de Rockers” is inspired by a true story, that of the Salt and Pepper, that the still bubbly Mathilde Seigner had met on a television set. This senior group specializing in rock – 14 of its members appear in the film – participated in a hundred concerts throughout France for ten years and recorded an album of covers, “Le rock n’a pas d’ age “. Which is true, as evidenced by the octogenarians Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger or The Who who continue to electrify crowds on stage. By the way, they will come to France in June 2023, and there are places left!

No need to lie to each other, Luc Bricault and Ida Techer follow clearly traced paths but they amuse us and even touch us, thanks in particular to a carefully concocted troupe and the selection of classics that they take up with great fishing!

Expected but pleasant adventures

We find with pleasure Bernard Le Coq as an “old beau” who does not know how to sing and even less in English, as well as Andréa Ferréol who clashes as a seasoned fan of David Bowie who has fun wearing one of his famous costumes or doing air guitar on “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” by The Clash. Myriam Boyer mixes lightness of character and gravity with a medical secret that is heavy to bear, when the shy Anne Benoît frees herself by letting her deep voice roar in feverish and almost moving solos. Death hovers of course, most of these rock’n’roll grandpas and grandmas having cheerfully passed the age of 70.

The directors claim to have been inspired above all by the masterpiece of the English musical of the 80s “The Commitments” by Alan Parker, in the way of creating the concert or rehearsal scenes. Without achieving this mastery, the result is very honorable and frankly pleasant, despite the expected adventures found in the slightest social comedy.

Comedy by Luc Bricault and Ida Techer, with Mathilde Seigner, Bernard Le Coq, Anne Benoît, Andréa Ferréol and Myriam Boyer.

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