CONTINENTAL DRIFT (IN THE SOUTH): an unusual, funny and sensitive comedy, on DVD February 7, 2023

On February 7, 2023 find on DVD the unusual, funny and sensitive comedy: The drift of the continents (in the South).

With LA DÉRIVE DES CONTINENTS (AU SOUTH), Swiss director Lionel BAIER sets his camera in Sicily this time, and continues his exploration of the European construction, begun with Like Thieves (In the East) and Les Grandes Ondes (In the west). Joyfully mixing political satire, immigration and family ties, he signs here a fast-paced comedy, both funny and sensitive.

A scathing critique of the drifts of Europe and of human feelings, THE DRIFT OF THE CONTINENTS (IN THE SOUTH) is a surprising fantasy, with a subtle scenario. By paralleling the political instrumentalization of immigration, and the conflictual relations between a mother and her son, the director offers a daring but effective mix of genres, and treats his subject with lucidity, tenderness and humor.
If emotion and feelings come to the surface in the film, it is also thanks to a masterful duo of actors: Isabelle CARRÉ (Les Émotifs Anonymes), majestic in the role of a mother full of doubts and guilt, and Théodore PELLERIN (Just the end of the world), in the role of his son, who is angry with him for having abandoned him.

Both a slapstick comedy with fierce humour, and a moving drama about the migratory tragedy, LA DÉRIVE DES CONTINENTS (AU SOUTH) will be available from February 7
2023 on DVD, accompanied by an interview with director Lionel BAIER.
Nathalie is on a mission for the European Union in Sicily. While she is in charge of organizing the next visit of Macron and Merkel to a migrant camp, she crosses by chance her son, an activist engaged in an NGO and whom she has not seen for years. Their reunion will be as explosive as the diplomatic trip that is being prepared…

Here is the trailer:

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