Aristotle in comics, philosophy with open boxes

Names and men, Greek philosophers who built principles and theories, discourses on which all currents were then based over the centuries. Tassos Apostolidis and Alecos Papadatos in the drawing transcribed in their Aristote his life but even more his ideas, his evolution, his confrontations him the Macedonian not really liked by the other Greeks. We find Plato who will be his master, Hermias his mentor, Socrates, Demosthenes, the memory of Alexander the Great, Pythias biologist recognized before his time his wife. The idea of ​​putting this route in a comic book is a challenge because we can not say that access even facilitated by the drawing is easy, careful reading of the texts requires, effort of reflection necessary but precisely, what a pleasure to warm up your neurons to dive back or discover the mythical Aristotle.


Portrait gallery, Aristotle and his family, chronology, we are for the birth of Aristotle in 384 BC in Macedonia, a northern province of Greece. In 367 he left for Athens as told by Theophrastus, his pupil much later in 315. Aristotle founded the high school (the word remained) a place where we study and where we question ourselves under the tutelage of great masters of thought. . Théophraste takes stock of the history of Greece. Aristotle will define from his beginnings that life is a journey of moral choices and that man chooses the middle ground between two extremes. When Alexander dies we want to kill Aristotle who will have to flee with his family and not be condemned like Socrates. Yet the life of Aristotle, a rich heir, had begun under the best auspices when he went to meet Plato who would be his master in Athens at the Academy. The confrontation between the two most brilliant minds of Antiquity can then begin.

A road movie that the life of Aristotle who also knew the pleasures of existence while finding explanations for them to understand the world as it is and also as it could or should be. A philosophy subject for the baccalaureate par excellence and a perfect album to prepare for it, guaranteed efficiency. The work of the two authors is searched but opened towards the access without pitfall towards knowledge. Illustrated examples, philosophy applied, explained, this Aristotle of 216 pages, and yes, is to be devoured with wisdom, patience and hindsight. To find the happiness of being. Without forgetting that he was the champion of autarky, a city or a nation to be independent must not depend on the outside. To meditate today.

Aristotle, Dargaud, €25.50


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