Netflix: le film avec Kev Adams et Camille Lellouche accusé de plagiat !

Netflix: the film with Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche accused of plagiarism!

The Netflix romantic comedy “Happy We Year” with Kev Adams is accused of plagiarism by Internet users.

Released on December 28 on Netflix, the comedy Happy We Year brings together Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche. But the project is accused of plagiarism by Internet users. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix spoils its subscribers at the end of the year

The end of 2022 is full of surprises on Netflix. Indeed, before the passage in 2023, the streaming platform decided to to please its subscribers.

Thus, many films and series landed on Netflix in December. And in the series department, we can say that the firm has put the small dishes in the big ones.

Thus, millions of fans were able discover season 3 ofEmily in Parissnettle on December 21. A series that has become a real guilty pleasure for millions of homes.

Indeed, the adventures of Emily Cooper fascinate many fans, who are impatiently awaiting season 4. Moreover, the latter could be done without the Alfie character. Thin !

But this month of December was also synonymous with the arrival of the following from Alice in Borderland on Netflix. In effect, since December 22, season 2 is available. A deliverance for many fans!

But Netflix also wanted to delight movie fans. So the Pinocchio by Guillermo Del Toro or even Glass Onion with Daniel Craig came to fill the catalog of the platform. Very good !

The French are not left out with a new comedy carried by Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche. But the project is accused of plagiarism by Internet users. MCE TV tells you more!

“Happy We Year” accused of plagiarism

To end 2022 well, Netflix has just released a brand new romantic comedy. baptized Happy We YearThe movie is worn by Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche.

He plays a failed comedian late to see his girlfriend. She is a rigid and angry manager. Fate, and a broken elevator, will therefore force them to share a moment together to discover each other.

And if this scenario rings a bell, you’re not alone. Indeed, this Netflix film directed by Frank Bellocq looks like two drops of water to the film Happy New Year by Gary Marshall, released in 2011.

Already, the title of the film is the same, with a simple pun added for the Netflix version. And so is the script. In the American version, Ashton Kutcher and Lea Michele are the main cast.

And this detail, Internet users are not mistaken. Indeed, on Twitter, they did not hesitate to share their disappointment to see that it is a remake that does not assume itself (the film does not present itself as such).

“No originality, there is already a film with the same scenario, same period, same title”, explains one. ” Looking at the trailer, it looks like it’s a plagiarism of Happy new year, exclaims another. So, tribute or plagiarism?

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