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SEGA promises new Sonic in 2023 after “the best year in its history”

That might sound like a stretch, but taking into account that a new movie, an anime series, and two hit video games were released in 2022, it’s likely that indeed, it could have been “the best year in history.” Sonic’s story. “, as Sonic Team boss Takashi Lizuka puts it. Indeed, he expects 2023 to continue at the same pace for Sega’s mascot and promises even more content that will delight fans of the hedgehog.

“This coming year, we are preparing for a second wave that will enlighten fans and keep the momentum going,” Lizuka said. “We have already announced the distribution of additional content for Sonic Frontiers, but there is still much to come. Stay tuned. »

A year like you don’t remember

And it is that indeed, the fans must have been delighted during this year 2022. The premiere of Sonic: The Movie 2 was recently joined by that of the Netflix animated series, Sonic Prime, both with reviews above expectations. But not only that, but both video games turned out to be standout titles: both Sonic Origins, a compilation with the original trilogy plus Sonic CD, and Sonic Frontiers, one of the pleasant surprises of the year.

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Now what else is to come? Most likely, we will soon see several LEGO sets released this Christmas, having already been leaked numerous times. But if we talk strictly about video games, throughout this year 2023 Sega plans to release up to three downloadable content packs for Sonic Frontiers, the first including a photo mode and new challenges.

“With a good presentation and a series of extras that will delight the most competitive players, we are facing a remarkable compilation, thanks to the inclusion of anniversary modes, missions and challenges”, it was said at the time. in the analysis of Sonic Origins. Meanwhile, Sonic Frontiers took us completely by surprise, but we assure you that it is probably “the best three-dimensional installment of the saga —courtesy of Sonic Colors— since the classic Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast”.

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