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the event episode “Each directs water”, this Friday, December 30 on France 2 (Trailer)

Series ” Candice Renoir returns this Friday, December 30 at 9.10 p.m. on France 2 in an event episode entitled “Each directs water”. It is a “road movie” shot in Corsica between “Some like it hot” and “Very bad trip”. In the cast of this special episode, Cecile Bois, Raphael Lenglet and the involvement of Mathieu Madenian.


Candice Renoir Corsica News Actual
© Fabien Malot / Boxer 7 / FTV

Candice Renoir – “Everyone directs the water” in a few lines

Following their non-proposal, Candice and Antoine go on a honeymoon. They broke their piggy bank to treat themselves to a dream stay in a sublime hotel on a Corsican beach with turquoise waters. And yes, the place exudes luxury and refinement. A bit too much perhaps?…

Candice stands out with her pretty floral dress and her bursting laugh, a little too much perhaps? Candice goes to the beach, Antoine to their room. Antoine, who is worried about not seeing Candice come back, goes downstairs and finds her at the bar with Orso, a handsome guy… He crams himself in heavily to dismiss the one he takes for a flirt. The tone rises between the two men who come to blows.

The next day, everyone sticks to their positions. They are packing their bags. When Candice opens the trunk of their car, she closes it just as sharply and drives off at top speed. A few kilometers away, she stops in a deserted place and goes to open the trunk to show him what’s inside: Orso stiff dead.

Antoine finds himself in police custody. Candice leads the investigation and finds Orso’s murderer.

With : Cecile Bois (Candice Renoir) Raphael Lenglet (Antoine Dumas), Jean-Philippe Ricci (Bartoli), Veronique Volta (Renata), Josephine Drai (Lancel), Pascal Casanova (Jean Michel)

With the participation of Mathieu Madenian (Julien Morlon).



Better than words, images with the trailer unveiled by France 2

Candice Renoir returns for a new survey this Friday, December 30 at 9.10 p.m. on France 2. Will you be there?

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