Jason Blum Provides Update on HAPPY DEATH DAY and FREAKY Crossover Movie

Jason Blum Provides Update on HAPPY DEATH DAY and FREAKY Crossover Movie

The Blumhouse Horror Franchises happy day of the dead and Weird ended up being super fun movies, and last year, happy day of the dead Star Jessica Rothewho plays Tree in both films, said she thinks it would be beneficial for the two franchises to collide:

“I think that’s absolutely the way to go because, like you said, [Kathryn Newton’s Butcher in Freaky] embodies so much strength, power, and twisted badass in this role. I was so lucky to be able to see it on opening weekend, and there are such fun and crazy performances from Kathryn and Vince [Vaughn]. So I agree with you that this absolutely has to be a showdown between Tree and Millie. And maybe Vince can make a cameo as the scream queen because he gave us scream queens a hard time. He did a very good job.”

After this comment, fans wanted to see this crossover happen, and then a photo appeared in October at the Halloween ends premiere that features the producer Jason Blum with Jessica Rothe and Weird Star Catherine Newton. This photo managed to give fans even more hope!

Then the director of the films, Christopher Landonsays he considers them to exist in the same universe saying:

“I think they exist in the same spiritual universe, so to speak. I think I could easily see Tree and Millie get together and be like, “Well, you won’t believe what happened to me!” Because I think tonally they’re connected, I think thematically they’re connected in a weird way. And yes, I think it’s an easy, easy purchase for sure.

Well, today we have an update on producer Jason Blum’s potential crossover, and it’s not what fans are hoping for. During a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Blum was asked about the crossover and if it was actually possible, and here is his response:

“Freaky Death Day. I hate to say it, but your Freaky Death Day dreams are a little further away than they were just a few months ago. So I wouldn’t have very high hopes, but I would also say anything is possible.”

Now, while a crossover of these franchises won’t happen anytime soon, Blum and Lambert have been working on developing a third happy day of the dead film that would be completely insane. So I hope it will at least happen!

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