he dismantles the Netflix film by Camille Lellouche and Kev Adams on Twitter

he dismantles the Netflix film by Camille Lellouche and Kev Adams on Twitter

This Tuesday, January 3, 2022, host Samuel Etienne took to his Twitter account to clash the new film by Camille Lellouche and Kev Adams on Netflix.

Cold shower for Camille Lellouche and Kev Adams. This Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the Netflix platform released a French comedybaptized “Happy We Year”. A film directed by Franck Bellocq, the creator of the hit series SODA on W9. “While on their way to a New Year’s Eve party, two strangers find themselves stuck in an elevator where they end up forming an unexpected bond”such was the synopsis.

A film de-zinced by Internet users

But the “feel good movie of this end of the year” sold by the comedian caused an uproar on the Web… It must be said that Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche are among the personalities little appreciated by the French. So, a film bringing together the two stars was a godsend for Internet users. And it did not miss, the twittos have de-zincedthe film after its release on the platform.

“Imagine going to hell, you have to watch this movie over and over! If there is a person more detestable than Kev Adams, well it Camille Lellouche so no thank you”, “please look at the opinions on allo cinema it’s to die for laughing”, or “Kev Adams and Camille Lellouche merging outdated jokes of 2015 lord”, we could read on social networks.

Samuel Etienne adds a layer

An opinion that seems to share… Samuel Etienne, the host of Questions for a champion on France 3. Indeed, this Tuesday, January 3, 2023, the TV man allowed himself an unexpected tackle via his Twitter account. The ideal son-in-law of France Télévisions was not kind to the two actors. “But why ?”he tweeted, reacting to the film’s top 5 ranking on Netflix.

And Samuel Etienne added a layer under the comment of a user. “When I saw the excellent ranking on Netflix, despite all the bad reviews, intrigued I wanted to try, to understand. I didn’t understand”he wrote.

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