Le Baltringue: return to the bitter failure of the film with Vincent Lagaf '

Le Baltringue: return to the bitter failure of the film with Vincent Lagaf ‘

Vincent Lagaf’ took his first steps in the cinema in 2010 with the action comedy “Le Baltringue”. Since the huge flop of the film, the host has not tried the experience again.

The Baltringue : Vincent Lagaf’ becomes Mr. Guy

Many TV hosts have already tried their luck at the cinema, with varying degrees of success. Patrick Sebastian (Love you), Nagui (A very, very loving woman) or St├ęphane Plaza (I lost Albert) broke their teeth there, just like Vincent Lagaf’. In 2010, the former presenter of Bigdil lends his features to Mr. Guy in the action comedy The Baltringuedirected by Cyril Sebas (Gomez vs Tavares).

The Baltringue
The Baltringue ┬ęSTUDIOCANAL

Star of a teleshopping show, Mr. Guy one day crosses paths with Sam (Philippe Cura), a secret agent on a mission to dismantle a dangerous network of traffickers. The slightly sticky host finds himself embroiled in numerous chases and other shootouts, constantly parasitizing his improvised partner. Jean-Luc Couchard, Noom Diawara, Jo Prestia and Ken Samuels complete the cast of this buddy movie disastrous written by Vincent Lagaf’ in person and Bibi Naceri.

A huge belly

Originally, Vincent Lagaf’ envisaged a much darker idea for the script of his first film, as he explains on the show We’re filling up! in 2010 :

I wanted to be a television presenter, which I am, a prime-time access television presenter, (…) and from the moment I leave the studio, I become a contract killer. Completely cynical, total schizophrenia!

The presenter finally abandons this concept, which could have “shocked” the public and therefore ruined his film debut. However, reworking the screenplay did not help him achieve success. Writing is an ordealas the host confides to TV Magazine in 2008, quoted by BFMTV:

There were fifteen drafts and Cyril Sebas finalized the writing. In fact, it was a real hassle.

After bringing together only 17 spectators during its first Parisian session, The Baltringue ends its career with 41,109 admissions and disappears from dark rooms after three weeks. Which did not discourage Vincent Lagaf’ at the time. Asked by Var-Morning and quoted by PurePeoplethe presenter who invested one million euros out of his own pocket out of the four million overall budget declares:

Don’t worry, I’m not at the end of a rope. We’re going to get back on our feet, if only with TV broadcasts or DVDs.

The host even goes so far as to announce the continuation of the feature film on a daily basis. A second opus which however never saw the light of day…

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