North Franche-Comte.  The Pathé cinema in Belfort soon to be taken over by Kinepolis?

North Franche-Comte. The Pathé cinema in Belfort soon to be taken over by Kinepolis?

“It’s a rumor that has been circulating since the holidays. Elsa Lançon, the director of Cinéma d’Aujourd’hui, claims to have received no official information on a possible takeover of the Pathé cinema in Belfort by Kinepolis France. However, this rumor has continued to swell since December 14, the date of the takeover of the Gaumont d’Amneville cinema by the Belgian cinema operating company. It was based on the similarities between the two multiplexes of the Pathé network. Amnéville has 12 rooms for 2,462 seats. Belfort has 14 cinemas for just over 2,900 seats. But also on what looks like two written confirmations published around December 20.

Two ads removed

It was on this date that an announcement was posted on social networks, which resembled that of Kinepolis Amnéville. Accompanied by the same photo of the room with a smiling public, it indicated: “A lot of emotions, welcome to Kinepolis Belfort. The whole team is delighted to welcome you to share the magic of cinema together…” This advertisement invited film lovers to register on the site to discover film news and automatically participate in a draw to win a year of cinema . A second publication indicated that the Movie club card was offered and valid only at Kinepolis Belfort. But the first ad was quickly taken down. The second was removed this Wednesday when we tried to find out more about a possible arrival of the new sign. It has been replaced by a 404 error code.

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” No information “

At Pathé de Belfort, the director, Betty Andrieu told us that she was not aware of a possible transfer of the operational management of the Belfort cinema to the Belgian group. “We are Pathé and we welcome moviegoers as such,” she says.

However, the recovery of Belfortain cinema is not without foundation in a context of crisis where many cinemas have suffered since the Covid from the drop in admissions and difficulties in balancing the accounts. At the same time, Kinepolis Group, which shows its consolidated financial health on its website, continued to develop its network made up of 112 cinemas, i.e. 1,137 screens for more than 200,000 seats, in Belgium, the Netherlands, in Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Canada, the United States and France. In France alone, it manages 15 complexes and a KLUB Arthouse cinema, for a total of 176 screens and more than 40,000 seats. Most of these cinemas are in the Grand Est. Even if the group does not display it anywhere, it intends to continue its development. Hence the disclosure of information on a project to take over Pathé Belfort.

Existence of talks

Within the Kinepolis network, we have been confirmed the existence of talks with Pathé cinema. This interlocutor, who intends to remain anonymous, specifies that they would not yet be completed. This would explain why the trade or urban planning departments did not receive any communication on a change of sign. Still according to our informant, there are still several points to be settled. Among them, there is the frame. In Amnéville, the group acquired the premises and the operational management. In Belfort, the building that belonged to Tandem has been owned since 2017 by Patrick Zannolfi, an omnipresent player on the Belfort real estate scene. However, the amount of the rent would be considered exorbitant.

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