Nîmes: the music group Les UnsDifferents star of a report on Canal Plus

Nîmes: the music group Les UnsDifferents star of a report on Canal Plus

“Rock’n’roll la Différence” tells the extraordinary journey of this group of disabled musicians and singers created ten years ago by Matthieu Dupin, educator at the Hubert-Pascal home in Nîmes. A report to discover on Canal Plus on January 25 and projected in preview Tuesday January 17, at 6:45 p.m., at the Castel room in Lunel.

“If we had imagined that when we were going to sing in nursing homes with a tambourine ten years ago!”, laughs Matthieu Dupin, musician and educator at the Hubert-Pascal home in Nîmes, who brings this atypical group to discover in a 90-minute documentary on Canal Plus. “I discovered Les UnsDifferents by chance while they were shooting a clip for the song Autiste Artiste by Jean-Louis Aubert”, explains director Olivier Pighetti.

What he saw then enchanted him: the shared joy, the energy, the benevolence always. “I wanted to immortalize all that and I experienced moments of rare authenticity during this shoot”remembers with emotion the one who followed the members of this group, all suffering from mental disabilities, for eight months, in a musical road movie of infinite tenderness. “What I wanted to show is not so much the scene as what happens before, after, in the families, in the living quarters, in the bus on tour. They all experienced the shooting with a jubilant nature. Parents who have seen the film have even discovered things about their son, it’s very moving…”

A moving musical epic

This shoot also highlights all the work of Matthieu Dupin who has carried the group from its creation in 2012 until performing last summer in Lunel in the first part of Totalement 80 in front of 4000 spectators. “With music, he brings disabled people out of isolation, he transcends differences”, enthuses Olivier Pighetti. The musician educator who measures like this film has boosted his group is already dreaming bigger. “I would like us to work more, to do more rehearsals, a little sport for form, more work on understanding the texts, for everyone to get involved in the editing of the material… We aim to be a semi-professional group, it is also necessary to take into account the fatigue of each one”.

Even if he never sees the handicap first and coaches his little world with benevolence as well as humor. “With a team of broken arms, we created an energy, a unique atmosphere. We did something extraordinary!”

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