Cinema: RRR released in 2022

Cinema: RRR released in 2022

Mr. Cinema saw the blockbuster RRRan Indian historical epic film directed by SS Rajamouli and released in 2022 which lasts 182 mn.

Mr. Cinema liked it a lot. In the big, very big, show and historical fresco genre, it’s amazing. This great epic also won unprecedented success in the West. And yet the director dares everything and even more (everything that in France would be taxed with misogyny, grandiloquence, nationalism…) and he fervently sings about the greatness of India.

RRR : a big budget production of South Indian cinema

As is often the case in Indian films, it is a story of friendship between two men whom everything opposes, the scholar a priori sold to the English and the member of the Gond community, one of the Indian tribal communities. Their meeting takes place in India under colonial domination at the beginning of the 20th century and their fight against the occupier quickly became a patriotic song.

Certain crowd scenes would not be out of place at Cecil B de Mille. Because there is grandeur, even grandiloquence, in historical reconstructions that turn mythological towards the final apotheosis.

Thousands of extras, flamboyant sets, a cast of stars make this pseudo-historical re-enactment a thrilling spectacle lasting more than 3 hours that you don’t see pass. Nothing is missing, the colorful dance scenes, the frantic fights, the almost burlesque special effects, the more intimate moments to make this colonial drama a great fresco without complexes. The rhythm never falters.

This huge-budget production confirms the rise of South Indian cinema and, in this case, Tollywood.

Tollywood is the Mecca of cinema in Telangana, the state whose capital is Hyderabad. The films are shot in Telugu, the local language.

RRR 2023 Golden Globe and 2023 Oscar nominee

RRR is present twice in the prestigious list of nominations for the Golden Globes 2023. The film was nominated in the category Best film – non-English language and the song of RRR “Naatu Naatu” was nominated in the Best Original Song category.

The same song is also part of the final list for the 2023 Oscars and for the Critics Choice Movie awards. The track was composed by MM Keeravaani and written by Kala Bhairava and Rahul Sipligunj.

Composer Keeravaani has already won the award for best film music presented by the association of film critics of Los Angeles for the 7 songs of RRR .

It would be a shame not to see RRR on the big screen, but you can still watch it on Netflix.

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