Pedro Pascal on Working on THE LAST OF US and THE MANDALORIAN simultaneously, calling it "The best double-dipping I could imagine"

Pedro Pascal on Working on THE LAST OF US and THE MANDALORIAN simultaneously, calling it “The best double-dipping I could imagine”

One of the biggest names in Hollywood right now is the actor Peter Pascalthat we saw in game of throneswho now plays the Star Wars bounty hunter The Mandalorianand heads into what many are calling the greatest video game adaptation of all time, in the series The last of uswhich is heading to HBO.

As for how the actor decided to take on the final role in the middle of his ongoing Disney+ series, he told THR that when the co-creator Craig Mazin sent him the The last of us script, he wanted the role so badly that it literally scared him it might not work. Playing a warrior protecting a special young neighborhood while traveling through a dangerous fantasy landscape on a high-profile TV show sounded great. The only potential hitch was that he was sort of already doing it.

Pascal was also aware of the comparison, but that did not deter his interest. He explained:

β€œIt definitely crossed my mind. Like I [got familiar with the game]I’ve noticed that there are so many things I’ve seen that visually or thematically reference The last of us. As [the 2017 X-Men movie] Logan. And yes, the trope has been used in so many different ways – you can go back to [the manga series] lone wolf and cubyou can go to moon paper. But as long as mandalorian and The last of us existing nearby, for me this is the best combination I can imagine.

However, the actor had to obtain permission from the mandalorian producers, who “very generously” allowed him to work on the project of a competing company. The situation was probably made easier by the fact that his star wars the character is physically played by more than one actor, allowing Pascal to simply dub the dialogue in post-production. He explained:

β€œ[Producers] Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni don’t limit themselves creatively to the way things are normally done. We have improvised by making myself available for whatever they need. I hesitate to reveal anything because I don’t want to spoil any plot surprises.

It’s a tricky dance that the stars of such secretive and high-profile shows have to do while trying to promote, but not reveal any spoilers about the show. I think it’s great that Pascal didn’t have to lose this role that excited him so much. It looks like he’s going to do an amazing job, and I can’t wait to see both series when they come out.

The last of us Episode 1 of Season 1 arrives on HBO and HBO Max on January 15. The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1 arrives on Disney+ on March 1. Are you pumped up by these series?

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