Perros-Guirec.  Shot in Brittany, the film by Samuel Petit on Arte Concert

Perros-Guirec. Shot in Brittany, the film by Samuel Petit on Arte Concert

Samuel Petit director perros-guirec
Samuel Petit is a director specializing in music from Perros-Guirec. ©Samuel Petit

child of the country and from Perros-Guirec, now based in Nantes, Samuel Petit, a director specializing in music, has embarked on a musical film project. Entitled EZ3kiel – The Memory of Fire, he will be broadcast on the Arte Concert platform from Thursday January 12, and will be available for two years.

EZ3kiel band fan

“For the first time, I am filming the landscapes of my childhood in a project for the EZ3kiel group”. An experimental rock/electro music group, composed of Stéphane Babiaud, Johan Guillon, Jean-Baptiste Fretray, Jessica Martin-Maresco, Benjamin Nerot and Nicolas Puaux.

“Before even meeting them, several years ago, I liked this group and I went to see them in concert. »

Samuel Petit movie
Samuel Petit has embarked on a musical film. ©Samuel Petit

Samuel Petit, thanks to an acquaintance who “knew my passion for the group” and started to manage it, was able to get in touch with EZ3kiel. He and the group subsequently collaborated on several projects, he notably produced a DVD for one of their tours, during which the group was filmed, among others, at the Old plows. “A human link other than artistic has been created. »

After confinement, the director wishes to develop a new project. “I wanted to get out of the simple recording”, and the idea of ​​a film, which matched the new concept album of the group, was born.

“Landscapes that rocked my life”

These dance scenes interpreted by Johanna Faye and Tarek Aït Meddour take place in different unmissable places in the region since the filming took place in Perros-Guirecbut also in the Monts d’Arrée and the forest of Huelgoat (Finistere).

“In this bit of a road movie, we follow a hunted couple who move along the coast and who, over the course of the film, return to the land. And Samuel Petit adds that the images shot on the coast “are not touristic, contrary to what we see a lot. »

When we had the go for directing, we didn’t have much time, so I chose to film landscapes that I know and that rocked my life. It created a strong emotion in me.

A forbidden love

With the support of the National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image and the National Center for Music and presented by Arte Concert and Sourdoreille Production, this 58-minute film tends to “express feelings through dance”.

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In a dystopian world where living beings seem to have disappeared, where love is forbidden, rebellious lovers are on the run and enter a dizzying and uncontrollable spiral, under a strong musical breeze, calling nature to poetry and humans to give up on nothing.

Synopsis of the movie

There are also scenes from the group EZ3kiel: “the music used in the film is that of the band playing live“. As for the texts, we find detective novelist Caryl Férey.

Link to the film available from 10 a.m. on Thursday January 12:

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