Teen Wolf Movie Creator Says It's "Essentially Season 7" Of The Show

Teen Wolf Movie Creator Says It’s “Essentially Season 7” Of The Show

Teen Wolf garnered positive reviews and a large fanbase in its five years on television, creating household names from Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien, to name just a few of the incredibly talented actors. Even though it’s been six years since the last season of Teen Wolffans won’t have to wait much longer because Teen Wolf: The Movie will arrive at Paramount+ on January 26, with the series creator revealing that the upcoming film is “essentially season seven, all in one movie.”

Teen Wolf: The Movie will pick up where the show’s season finale left off. Creator of Teen Wolf Jeff Davis didn’t reveal much about the movie other than the return of some fan favorites like Posey and Tyler Hoechlin. However, ComicBook reported that Davis told SFX Magazine that the film fits into the entire plot planned for what would have been season seven, intending to give fans some memorable moments:

“A colossal undertaking. The first cut took three hours. Part of it is that you have so many characters to serve. As I finished writing the movie, I kind of realized, ‘Oh my god. a movie.’ We packed a lot into this movie. He was trying to give fans some great moments, some heartbreaking moments, and some funny moments, while also giving them feedback on what the show was all about, but also some new stuff like Vince Mattis, who plays Eli, Derek Hale’s son .”

Teen Wolf is based on the 1985 film of the same name, starring Michael J. Fox like Scott Howard. It takes place in the fictional town of Beacon Hills and follows high school student Scott McCall (Posey), who has been bitten by a werewolf and whose normal human life has been drastically altered. It’s too early to tell what the film will entail, but Paramount+ has revealed that terrible evil will soon rise, prompting the return of “Banshees, Werecoyotes, Hellhounds, Kitsunes, and all the other shapeshifters of the night.”

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In addition to Posey and Hoechlin, some of the original cast members will also return to continue the Teen Wolf story, including crystal reed, Holland Rode, Shelley Hennig, JR Bourne, colton haynes, Ian Bohen, Melissa Pontius, Dylan Sprayberry, Linden Ashbyand Seth Giliam. The film will also feature new faces, including Eli Hale (Vince Mattis) as the son of Hoechlin’s character, Derek Hale.

Unfortunately, O’Brien won’t be reprising his role as Stiles Stilinski, telling Variety that it was a tough decision to turn down joining the cinematic resurrection of the hit TV series: “The show couldn’t be more dear to me. It was the first thing I ever did, me and so many people there are extremely dear to me. It was something I was trying to make work, but it all happened very quickly.

The pack is officially back when Teen Wolf: The Movie hits Paramount+ on January 26. You can watch the trailer below.

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