Release of Babylon: Bang & Olufsen unveils a limited edition signed Damien Chazelle

Driven by a love of sound and music, luxury audio leader Bang & Olufsen and the prodigious Franco-American filmmaker co-sign a limited edition of the Beosound 2 loudspeaker. Presented for the release of babylonthe latest feature film by Damien Chazelle which will be released in theaters on January 18, 2023, this special edition will be available in an exclusive gold color and signed by the director’s hand.

Babylon is an ode to cinema and to the golden age of Hollywood. Led by a top-flight cast including Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Diego Calva, among others, the film is set in 1920s Los Angeles and traces the rise and fall of various figures in the film industry during of a decisive period for the seventh art: the transition from silent cinema to talkies.

For this film, in theaters on January 18, 2023, the Franco-American director, producer and screenwriter signs a new musical masterpiece in collaboration with his sidekick and longtime friend, Justin Hurwitz. Both audiophiles, the artists have worked together since the director’s very first project, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, produced in 2009. Justin Hurwitz’s work on La La Land in 2016 won him an Oscar for Best Music Original Song and Best Original Song for City of Stars. Babylon’s soundtrack, made up of 48 wildly energetic themes that convey the hedonistic atmosphere of the film, is already available on Decca Records.

A partnership as a celebration of music and sound

The collaboration between Bang & Olufsen and Damien Chazelle was obvious: the common obsession with sound, the love of music, coupled with the almost centenary of a brand that has seen cinema develop at the same time what. Indeed, born in the 1920s at the dawn of the golden age of cinema, Bang & Olufsen knew how to evolve with the times, shaping itself to the rhythm of technological innovations.

For the release of this event film, the brand and the director have jointly developed a very limited edition of the Beosound 2 speaker. Designed by Torsten Valeur of David Lewis Designers, this smart speaker pushes the limits of sound ever further. Its tapered body sits inches above its base and delivers powerful bass vibes from below. At its ajar top, the speaker radiates sound downward through an acoustic lens, creating an evenly distributed spherical sound profile. The black composite top serves as a sleek control panel and simply turns like a dial for volume adjustment. The speaker being equipped with integrated sensors, it knows where the user is approaching: he only has to perform a sweeping movement to go to the next track.

When the sumptuous atmosphere of the film mingles with the design of an emblematic loudspeaker

This limited edition of the Beosound 2 speaker is inspired by the sumptuous sets of the film by declining the object in a dazzling gold color. The director’s signature is affixed to the back of the speaker, on its anodized aluminum surface. This material, particularly audiophile, highlights the famous know-how of the brand.

The precision of the sound retransmitted through the quality of this loudspeaker makes it ideal for treble, jazz and instrumental pieces, characteristics of the soundtrack of the film. Its conical appearance is reminiscent of a trophy, and thus evokes the culmination of an ascent. The form then combines with the content and subtly materializes the very theme of the film.

The Beosound 2 will be available in a very limited series: only four copies in France, presented in Bang & Olufsen stores in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.

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