“The Cyclades”, summer in sweet madness with Laure Calamy

“The Cyclades”, summer in sweet madness with Laure Calamy

Do you like Laura Calamy? You’ll love this buddy movie by Marc Fitoussi, tailor-made for his duo of actresses.

From film to film, Marc Fitoussi seems to write for his actresses like a great couturier dresses his models, about their bodies and their acting: Pauline detective (2011) for Sandrine Kiberlain, Appearances (2019) for Karine Viard, Copacabana (2010) and The Ritournelle (2014) for Isabelle Huppert, etc. With the characteristic that this writing work on the actress pushes her a little to play what she knows how to play best. In this sense, The Cyclades may appear to be the most Laurecalamyesque film there is. Everything we love or adore about this incredible actress is brought together here: joy, sweet madness, the release of impulses.

The film is a buddy movie: the story of two teenage friends, Magalie (Laure Calamy) and Blandine (Olivia Côte, revealed by the series You women), who meet again twenty years later. They haven’t changed: Blandine, a woman abandoned by her husband, is still stuck, Magalie, still desalinated, swollen, uninhibited. Thanks to Blandine’s son, they will take the dream trip they had imagined as teenagers: going to the Greek island where Luc Besson had filmed. The big Blue, THE film of their generation.

Obviously, their differences in way of life, their faults as well as their qualities will be exacerbated by the vicissitudes of the trip, hence a series of very funny disputes. And then on their way, they will find a haven of peace with an old friend of Magalie, “Bijou” (Kristin Scott Thomas), an Anglo-Saxon baba bobo who leads a life of absolute freedom in a superb property with a swimming pool with her companion. , a wealthy Greek painter.

Grace and lightness of line

And as expected, nothing is going to go exactly as planned, and incidents follow incidents. And then, the characters will reveal themselves: Blandine is less cold than she seems, Magalie, much less superficial than she gives to see, herself the victim of childhood wounds that Blandine had never guessed.

Well written, well acted, well directed, this new film by Marc Fitoussi is a success with small onions. Concocted with care, professionalism and talent, it is the most stylish thing you can find in French comedy: in good taste, without vulgarity, intelligent, sometimes hilarious. With a grace, a lightness of line, an often surprising impertinence, in line with the films of Philippe de Broca or Jean-Paul Rappeneau. A good school.

The Cyclades by Marc Fitoussi, with Laure Calamy, Olivia Côte, Kristin Scott Thomas (Fr., 2022, 1h50). In theaters January 11.

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