2023's first horror movie just hit theaters, and critics are already fans

2023’s first horror movie just hit theaters, and critics are already fans

The year 2023 has started recently and moviegoers have already returned to cinemas. While the top of the poster is still occupied by the gargantuan Avatar: The Way of the Waterother films managed to turn many heads, Puss in Boots 2 at SkirmishersPassing by M3GAN. And this Wednesday, January 11, 2023, the first horror movie of 2023 is released, and critics are already fans.

a first horror film for 2023

Decade after decade, horror films fascinate. And while Halloween, the horror festival, ended several months ago, this beginning of the year 2023 offers us a first horror film. Although the box office is dominated by behemoths, and more particularly Avatar: The Way of the Waterfeature films are trying their luck and looking for their audience. This is the case of Devil’s Grasp, The Offering in English, a horror film directed by Oliver Park that won over critics before attacking its audience.

The synopsis? “While expecting their first child, Claire and Arthur decide to renew family ties. The young couple move into the dilapidated undertaker’s business run by Saul, Arthur’s father. But the arrival of a mysterious corpse will make them rock in horror: the remains contain a supernatural entity, Abyzou, who once released, wants to possess the couple’s future child. Faced with this demon, no one is safe…

the fan press, the general public on the reserve

On Rotten Tomatoes, 90% of reviews are positive. Avi Offer from NYC Movie Guru don’t skimp on the compliments:Scary, clever and full of suspense. The Rare Supernatural Horror Movie That Has Both Style And Substance.” At the house of Daily DeadMichelle Swope find that “The Offering’s thoughtful interpretations of Jewish folklore and demonology make the storytelling both horrifying and meaningful and make for an accomplished feature debut“. Despite everything, Dennis Harvey of variety was not convinced:A jump and scare machine that, in the end, is more cheesy than scary.”

A first feature film for Oliver Park whose soundtrack is signed Christopher Young (Spider Man 2 and 3 by Sam Raimi Ghost Rider, The Grudge, Operation Swordfish). A guarantee of quality for a horror film prohibited at least 12 years with us which must now prove itself. It remains to be seen whether the quality is there, the preview having apparently not convinced everyone. On AlloCiné, 21 reviews have already been published, with an average of 2.2/5. Although the critics were charmed, the general public was not won over. The next few days are sure to show a more definite trend.

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