Best Free Video Editing Software on Windows 10

Best Free Video Editing Software on Windows 10

Choosing the best video editing software is very important for anyone who wants to create quality videos.

There are now free video editing software that are beneficial for beginners and for those who cannot afford it. The latter will be able to practice free of charge, in order to become video editing professionals.

Here is a list of some free video editing software on Windows 10.

The Benefits of Video for Business Marketing

benefits of video for business marketing
benefits of video for business marketing

The first objective when creating marketing videos for a company is to boost its visibility. The videos show in a few moments the messages that a company wants to convey. With a video, the chances of a business appearing among the first results when searching on search engines are higher than those of a page with very long text.

With the evolution of social networks, a large part of consumers no longer like to spend their time reading. Consumers prefer, instead, a short video with explanatory images, because a long text can seem boring.

With the help of a marketing video that a company posts, the chances of that video reaching the most people are high. As a result, the chances of getting new customers increase.

Software guide to edit videos for free

Another important asset of video marketing is understanding. Indeed, the published videos allow users to quickly understand the message that is broadcast.

PowerDirector Essential

This editing software is perfect for people who want to get started on networks especially on YouTube. It can be used to edit professional, personal or even amateur videos. PowerDirector Essential is a free version of the software with a full range of basic and high-level features with additional content.

With this free version you will have at your disposal basic editing tools completely free. You can thus put in your video, texts, effects or images. You can also adjust the light, saturation, and even add a voiceover. It is therefore an editing software suitable for all needs.

DaVinci Resolve

The DaVinci Resolve software is very powerful. This is an excellent choice for doing only professional video editing. It is used to edit, retouch and modify videos, because its features are very advanced. You can also do audio mixing, compositing and color grading.

It is a nonlinear video editing software. It is compatible with Blackmagic and DaVinci system cameras. It is completely free and offers content creators the opportunity to let their imagination run wild.

DaVinci Resolve has a media page that allows users to import their works, view them and at the same time manage files in the media library.

Windows Movie Maker

It is often used by users who are not into video editing. It allows you to make fairly simple video editing. This means that its functions are limited, although over time it has improved. On Windows, this software was provided as standard, but it is still compatible with Windows 10.

It is now possible to record voice-overs and return to continue an edit left in abeyance. We are also entitled to a music service to use for free. The new version of Windows Movie Maker software has accelerated video stabilization. The video format is now MP3.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is causing a stir among video editing professionals. It is very popular thanks to the feedback from users who have better experience in video editing. The videos produced by this software are of superior quality up to 8k. It gives access to powerful automatic features. It allows you to manage audio, rush media, customize content with effects, texts or images.

This software gives the possibility to synchronize its creations with all that you have created. Beginners must be patient to master its use, because the learning time is long.


It is a very advanced software thanks to its features. It is an open source program and completely free. The effects and filters are top notch giving you the ability to get out of your comfort zone. You can use its interface as you wish. Shotcut has a green background which can be changed by its chroma key function.

The formats that this software has are multiple, allowing you to create high quality professional videos. The small downside with Shotcut is that the interface is not easy to identify quickly. Beginners will struggle a bit before knowing how it works.


It was created with users in mind who struggle with video editing software. It still has advanced features like most of the video editing software mentioned above. The features are quite easy to use. Everyone can therefore use it to edit their videos.

Openshot has sample templates built in to help beginners. The titles are in 3D and it presents a live preview in real time. You learn how to edit your own videos on the Timeline using the many features it has. This software has thought of intermediate users by adding lots of unlimited overlay options.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm is a video editing software suitable for film professionals. The visual effects that this software has are similar to a Hollywood movie. They are over 180 with a wide variety of import formats. You can customize its interface as you wish.

For content creators on YouTube, the upload can be done directly on the platform. You can change colors and lights. Beginners can also use it. It is perfect for film students and gamers who play online. You can export your videos in 4K file format free of charge.


VideoPad is a free video editing software perfect for beginners and very intuitive. It makes it easy for them to learn how to edit professional quality videos. It offers several styles of transitions and sound effects of different quality.

Among its features, users have access to camera stabilization tools. The videos created are clean, clear and simple. VideoPad is easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert in video editing to know how to use it.


Besides being free, Avidemux video editing software is easy to use. Users who do encoding are positively surprised by the features it has. One can resize, compress, trim, crop and add filters to the videos to be created. You can synchronize the audio tracks with the images, in order to have a perfect video.

This whole process takes little time to get a final result. It is also possible to reduce the size of a video without losing its basic quality. We can add subtitles to allow a better appreciation and understanding of your edited videos

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