Black Noir's costume exhausted its actor

Black Noir’s costume exhausted its actor

For Amazon, Rings of Power represents its most beautiful showcase. A series from Lord of the Rings with a pharaonic budget. But viewers know that the real argument number 1 of Prime Video remains The Boys.

Despite its much less generous budget, this adaptation of the eponymous comics can boast of a ratings success and mostly positive feedback. It’s simple, everyone loves this satire of America with its sinister and odious characters, Homelander in mind. The leader of the Seven is a real psychopath, a reflection of a certain Donald Trump, who trusts no one.

Except to Black Noir, a silent ninja portrayed by Fritzy-Klevans Destine in Season 3 flashbacks. But underneath the costume, Nathan Mitchell plays Black Noir.

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Interviewed by The Movie Dweeb (via ScreenRant), Nathan Mitchell reveals that Black Noir’s costume is exhausting. Despite great comfort, this outfit compress her body so much that it takes almost a day in bed to recover!

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Compression on the body for long hours

Wearing the Black Noir costume is no small feat! Because if the superheroes are costumed for long hours and look comfortable, it is thanks to the magic of the cinema. In reality, these outfits can become hellish to wear.

The proof with Nathan Mitchell who plays Black Noir in The Boys. In an interview, the actor reveals that after filming, having put on this costume for a long period left him bedridden.

With Black Noir’s costume, it’s as if there were compression that occurs around the shoulders and back. And it presses gently on it. Like, 20 minutes? Okay. An hour? Ok. Eight, ten, twelve, you just say to yourself: Ugh “.

I remember one day on set, and it doesn’t happen all the time, but the next day I was just bedridden for the day. My body was recovering.

Nathan Mitchell

To be an actor, you have to give of his person and his body. The proof with this testimony from the interpreter of Black Noir!


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