Rian Johnson releases the first info on the film

Rian Johnson releases the first info on the film

After the release, and success, of Glass Onion: a story at loggerheadsRian Johnson says more about At loggerheads 3.

If Rian Johnson made any enemies after making Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedithe American filmmaker has achieved a small masterstroke with At loggerheads first of the name, a thriller in the form of whodunit released in cinemas in 2019. Clever and playful, the film was a small phenomenon and Netflix therefore hastened to buy the license. Three years later, we discovered Glass Onion: a story at loggerheadsNetflix’s puzzle game.

Released on December 23, 2022 on the platform, after a limited theatrical release that tore Netflix and US theaters apart, Glass Onion: a story at loggerheads currently occupies the top 10 in eighty-seven countries on Netflix and sits in first place in the world rankings since its release. For the moment, the film is the fifth most watched at the start of its exploitation on the platform, ahead of The Adam Project and behind The Gray Man.

As provided for in the agreement with Netflix, Rian Johnson will direct a third film centered on a new investigation by Benoit Blanc, still played by Daniel Craig. If the release date and the cast of‘Daggers Drawn 3 are still unknown, the director of the franchise gave some information about the film in an interview with variety :

“We see these films as entertainment first and foremost. What was exciting about doing Glass Onion was the idea of ​​trying to emulate Agatha Christie, but with a completely new story. Now I’m starting to work on the third movie, and what excites me most creatively is that I don’t have to replicate the last movie at all. The goal is to move in a whole new direction, both in tone only in the theme.”

Glass Onion: A Daggers Drawn Story: Photo, Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Madelyn ClineCiao Greece

By changing decor and tone to Glass Onion: a story at loggerheadsthe filmmaker has proven his desire to move away from the first film and the possibility of creating an innovative franchise which could be renewed with each new film, while retaining the frame of the whodunit. For the moment, Rian Johnson has not revealed anything about his new story, but his enthusiasm is reassuring.

If Hugh Grant could come back and become a recurring supporting character, At loggerheads 3 should introduce a new batch of characters to accompany Daniel Craig. More information in the next episode.


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