The price of the GALA continues to progress following the announcement of the partnership with The Rock

The price of the GALA continues to progress following the announcement of the partnership with The Rock

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Gala Games (GALA) recently caused a stir in the press as the price of GALA soared nearly 60% a day after the announcement of a new partnership with movie stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg .

The deal comes as Gala Games now aims to make films for its ecosystem which now includes Gala Music and Gala Films. In a discussion about a potential integration of blockchain technology within the movie industry, Gala Games mentioned mechanisms in development. For example, the application of a QR code on cinema tickets and the possibility of recovering virtual rewards on streaming platforms like Netflix.

Gala has enjoyed an increase of 124% in the last 4 days and is currently trading at a price of $0.04157 with an additional increase of 2.64% in the day before this article was written. Can this cryptocurrency initially oriented towards the crypto-gaming sector explode and exceed the 1 dollar mark? If this threshold could be crossed, how high could the GALA price go?

GALA Price Prediction and Technical Analysis

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and GALA Price

After GALA consolidated for a while a little above its 50-day EMA, the price of the crypto-asset experienced an explosion on January 8 which broke the resistance zone between 0.02385 and 0. .02469 dollars. Additionally, the 100-day EMA resistance was also breached, rising 47.58% on the day.

GALA price is currently hovering above its short-term and long-term EMAs, suggesting an immediate future with bullish momentum. Moreover, we observe that the 20-day EMA seems to want to cross the progression of the 50-day one. This alignment of EMAs is particularly bullish and seems to be the next target for the cryptocurrency.

How can the Relative Strength Index (RSI) influence the price of GALA?

In the past few days, the GALA cryptocurrency has enjoyed a slight upside, with its RSI index in the overbought zone for the past three days. Despite this, the price of GALA has come down slightly, lowering the resistance level from $0.04330 to $0.04442.

Additionally, GALA volume remained relatively low compared to the past two days. This could indicate a retracement in the coming days for the crypto-asset.

Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD) and GALA Price Prediction

On January 2, a bullish cross was observed on the GALA chart. This pattern, which is characterized by the separation between the fastest moving average and the slowest moving average, has steadily progressed as it evolved.

Additionally, the MACD line as well as the signal line crossed the zero curve, providing further indication of the potential uptrend.

GALA support and resistance levels

After consolidating above the 50-day EMA, GALA broke through numerous resistance levels in the space of three days, after hitting a slight barrier around $0.04330 and $0.4442. GALA price action returned to test this price zone earlier in the day, but this move was eventually rejected as buyer fatigue could present itself resulting in a retracement.

The control levels to watch the most are those at $0.03882 and $0.03945 as this is a support zone that could potentially move in the next few days. The immediate resistance level is located between $0.04330 and $0.04442.

Other cryptocurrencies that could offer a high return on investment

On the cusp of a potential market regeneration in the year 2023, investors are turning their attention to a selection of altcoins scheduled to hit exchanges in the coming months. The projects that stand out the most are D2T, FGHT, RIA and TARO.

The savviest investors are taking advantage of current pre-sales and positioning themselves to potentially make big gains in the future.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Following a pre-sale that delivered incredible results with over $15 million raised in a matter of months, Dash 2 Trade has just listed its D2T token on exchanges.

Dash 2 Trade is a new trading platform scheduled to launch in February that aims to revolutionize the way traders interact with their investments. The platform has a large number of features such as technical indicators or market sentiment analysis, which allows users to have better control over their investments.

With Dash 2 Trade, novice and professional traders alike have access to all the information they need to make the most informed choices. In addition, it is also possible to carry out automatic trading strategies and test them in a suitable environment in order to be able to evaluate your own performance without any risk. The platform’s scoring system, called Dash Score, is also a central point in the project’s functionality.

The platform benefits from a large community that revolves around a previous project carried out by the development team, the name of this project is Learn 2 Trade and it has a community of nearly 70,000 users including 40,000 traders.

Do not hesitate to consult the Twitter from Dash 2 Trade and join the project on Discord and Telegram. You can also visit the official website by clicking on this link.

Fight Out (FGHT) is going to cause a stir in the fitness industry

Fight Out is a crypto project that brings together a smartphone app with a gym chain and looks set to revolutionize the entire fitness industry with its unique and innovative approach. Using blockchain technology, the company introduces a virtual avatar system based on NFTs and allows the user to analyze their progress live. This in addition to allowing him to compete and earn rewards as his sports results evolve.

In addition to this smartphone application, Fight Out will launch the first of its gyms integrating Web3 technology later this year. These spaces dedicated to sports and fitness will also serve as studios and co-working spaces for members of the community. In addition, special mirrors integrating state-of-the-art technologies will be available, these will be able to allow users to see their virtual sports profile as well as to have a detailed analysis of their training programs.

Fight Out has launched several partnerships with international sports stars such as boxers and other renowned athletes. They will take care of offering exclusive training programs as well as participating in the promotion of the company.

The Fight Out app will also provide users with personalized workout plans developed by health experts, as well as performance analysis tools to help them achieve their fitness goals. Users will also have the ability to share inspiring stories and connect with each other through the app’s community features.

The company has already raised more than $2.66 million during the pre-sale of its FGHT token, and it has the support of major crypto players such as LBank, Transak and BlockMedia Labs, which provide financial and operational assistance. to support the project. Investors who buy FGHT today can enjoy a bonus of up to 50% on their total purchase.

Fight Out’s unique approach to fitness combines fun, community and of course technology to improve the physical well-being of its users. The company is preparing for its arrival on the markets in a future that today seems increasingly close.

Check out the Fight Out project site now

Calvaria (RIA): the new collectible card game on the blockchain

Investors and strategy game enthusiasts currently have their eyes on the launch of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. This is a new crypto game project with a theme of death and fantasy realms. Unlike many collectible card games, Calvaria offers 3D images on its cards to provide a more immersive environment, in addition to offering a playable version on Apple and Android smartphones.

In the game, players assemble their own deck of cards in order to engage in battles against each other and earn rewards in the form of RIA Tokens. These tokens can be used on the market platform integrated into the project, it will be possible to find on it a wide range of cards offering a large number of construction and strategy possibilities.

Calvaria will also launch a free-to-play version and offer new players a starter pack. As players progress through the adventure, they will become aware of the number of RIA tokens they could have acquired if they played Calvaria’s play-to-earn mode, which will eventually encourage a large percentage of players to make the transition between the two game modes. In addition, it will help bring users new to cryptocurrencies into the Web3 gaming sector.

With its unique approach and impressive art direction, Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is shaping up to be the hot new project in the world of trading card and strategy-focused crypto games.

Click here to visit the Calvaria website

RobotEra (TARO): the Web3 management game that will cause a stir

RobotEra is a new management and construction game slated to launch in the coming year, it is a metaverse-focused project with play-to-earn mechanics that will allow players to earn rewards and embark on epic quests to restore the devastated planet of Taro.

The game will offer all the tools necessary for users to easily and efficiently build robots based on an NFT system, the latter being itself associated with a market platform integrated into the project on which it will be possible to spend TARO tokens to acquire better equipment or special robots.

One of the strengths of RobotEra is the degree of freedom it offers its users, which allows them to unleash all their creativity and explore new possibilities, the only limit in the creation of their future. robot being their imagination. Ultimately, RobotEra will also integrate augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into its project.

RobotEra’s presale has raised just over $697,000 so far and is rapidly heading towards the $1 million mark.

Visit the RobotEra site now

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