an explosive trailer with Sarah Michelle Gellar

an explosive trailer with Sarah Michelle Gellar

By Jean Ramiere

– Posted on 14 Jan 2023 at 02:32

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on television. Exit vampires, this time it’s werewolves that she rubs shoulders with in Wolf Pack!

Sarah Michelle Gellar is finally back in a fantasy series. Fans of the actress are in heaven. Since his role in the cult series buffy the vampire slayerSarah Michelle Gellar had filmed in various productions, including remakes of Asian horror films like the iconic The Ring. We even saw her make an appearance in 2019 in The Big Bang Theory. But, the community was anxiously waiting to see her return to a major role within a series. Wolf Pack should thus fulfill the wishes of addicts to the ex-vampire slayer. The long canines remain on the program but instead of the vampires, they are werewolvess that the actress will have to face this time around.

Sarah Michelle Gellar appears as an expert in supernatural phenomena in the new trailer of Wolf Pack. The series is coming to Paramount+ at the end of January. Behind this new concept, we find a regular of the genre. It is Jeff Davisalready at the origin of Teen Wolf but also Criminal mindswho is in charge. Wolf Pack is inspired by the writings of Canadian author Edo van Belkom. In addition to her role in the series, Sarah Michelle Gellar is also co-producer, proving its significant investment in the project. The first images, as well as comments from Jeff Davis, give hope for an approach darker and horrifying that Teen Wolf, even if the teen-movie side will remain an important plot lever.

Sarah Michelle Gellar facing the wolves!

Sarah Michelle Gellar will therefore have a lot to do in this new series to elucidate the mystery behind wolf attacks. We should witness the evolution of the main characters quite classically. First victims of lycanthropy, they will no doubt learn to use it to their advantage. The one who interprets Kristin Ramsey in this new series did not fail to draw a parallel with buffy the vampire slayeras to different reading levels viewers can have. In any case, we hope that this return will also sign the arrival of a series that mixes genres brilliantly. We really want to be bitten Wolf Pack !

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