“I take this opportunity to launch an appeal…”: Laure Calamy issues a wanted notice in Vivement dimanche (ZAPTV)

“I take this opportunity to launch an appeal…”: Laure Calamy issues a wanted notice in Vivement dimanche (ZAPTV)

Laure Calamy is starring in the film The Cyclades. A female buddy movie, which she came to present on the set of Can’t wait for Sundaythis Sunday, January 15, 2023. The actress took advantage of this speaking time to appeal to an old acquaintance…

Laura Calamy is one of the stars of the series Ten percent. It is because her exuberance makes her endearing that the public appreciates her so much. A boosted personality, which we often find in the characters she plays. It is also for the production made in France 2 that she found her clone on the set. By her own admission, the actress believes that Nicolas Maury and herself were able to form a “tiring” pair: “We invented games together, we left in the same imagination, in delusions!she remembered on the set of It’s up to you.

The 47-year-old actress knows the value of friendship. She is even very attached to it. That is why the public can find her in the film The Cyclades, released in theaters on Wednesday January 11, 2023. She gives the answer to Kristin Scott Thomas and Olivia Côte, who confided in Here about her particular adolescence. The plot of the film ? A reunion between very old friendsand of course, nothing goes as planned…

Laure Calamy looking for an old friend

And speaking of old friends, Laure Calamy apparently had a lot to say today on the set of Can’t wait for Sunday. Happy as a couple and childless, she seems determined to find a childhood friend: “I have someone I would very much like to see again. I take this opportunity to make an appeal, because I think she must have gotten married. Or is she dead? I hope not… Her name is Julie Hénère [ici, l’écriture du nom de famille est phonétique, N.D.L.R.], I would love to find her, so I’m taking advantage of it.“.

With humor and tenderness, she continues: “We shared a taste for adventure. I placed a little thing of ‘Red Zora’ in the film, it was a bit our idol“. Next to her, Baptiste Lecaplain, who quickly replied: “There’s something called Facebook, have you tried Facebook?“Laure Calamy explains that she tried to find her on the social network, without success. Who knows, maybe Julie was behind her screen

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