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A big update for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris on Nintendo Switch

A new update has been released for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, bringing the game to version 2.0.1. This update notably increases the level cap for player characters and weapons, and adds new costumes and weapons.

I leave you with the patchnote (badly) translated by me, otherwise you can go for the English patchnote.

New additional content

– Increased maximum level of playable characters from 100 to 110. *The new level cap may be improved after the game is updated to version 2.0.1.
– Increased weapon level from 25 to 30. *To increase the level, the player must complete the Mutant Beast quest to get the necessary resources.
– Increased level cap of SYSTEM CONTROL AUTHORITY level from 50 to 110. *Level cap may be upgraded after game update to 2.0.1.
– Added new costumes and avatar parts. *Costumes will be automatically added to character creation and viewing outfits after updating the game to version 2.0.1.
– Added avatar parts and costumes of “Mito” from Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive-Aria of a Starless Night – Added avatar parts and costumes of “Alphen” and “Shionne” from Tales of Arise
– Added new weapons in “Memory Exchange”.
– Added a new feature: “Equipment Synthesis”.
– Using the “Memory Coin” allows players to transfer the upgrade level from one piece of equipment to another. *Equipment with an upgrade level lower than +5 cannot be used in Equipment Synthesis. *Unique equipment such as “Night Sky Blade” cannot be used as resources for Equipment Synthesis. *Equipment that was used as material for equipment synthesis will be consumed and lost. *After completing the free supplemental story update part 4 “Ancient Apostles: The Blue-Eyed Demon”, players can access the Memory Exchange from raid dungeon access points. – Added Mutant Beast Lv300 quest in every empire.
– Added Evolved Raid Bosses *When existing raid bosses reach level 200, they evolve. Evolved raid bosses have different appearance and attacks. Defeating these more powerful raid bosses will grant players even greater rewards.
– Added new equipment
– The number of Incarnation Shards required to upgrade equipment has been reduced.
– The number of Incarnation Shards required to reach the “+25” upgrade has been reduced.


– The limit on the number of days players can participate in the Mutated Beast Quest and Memory Arena has been removed. Players will be able to challenge the quests of each content at any time. *An internet connection is required to participate in these quests.
– The maximum level of the quests below has been changed;
– Reaper Reborn raid quest: Level cap increased from 200 to 400 – Knight Reborn, King Reborn, Demon Reborn raid quests: Level cap increased from 199 to 400.
– Increased overall Holy Arts power
– Activating a Holy Art attack after a sword skill while the target is available for chaining will now trigger a “Holy Art Flurry”.
– Adjusted Spear sword skill as below:
– Decreased Double Helix attack level from 6 to 5 – Decreased Stampede Dimension debuff effect duration from 15 to 10 seconds.


– “Strea” and “Philia” characters can now use the Viewer Suit.
– Adjusted ACC against enemies of a higher level than the player during combat.
– Adjusted the learning rate of unlearned personal arts codes so that they no longer decay when replaced.
– Added new item drop specs
– Defeated enemies added from 2.0.1 will have a chance to drop props *Some props are not eligible.
– Changed combat skills and passive skills for some weapons and attachments.
– Changed the skill granted to the bracelet accessory “XT Charm Bangle” from Passive Skill: Enlightenment+ to Passive Skill: Surrender.


– Fixed other minor bugs and issues.

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