Everything is off: a road movie with a punk spirit to see in the cinema - Actus Ciné

Everything is off: a road movie with a punk spirit to see in the cinema – Actus Ciné

Tout fout le camp, a road movie with a punk spirit and full of references (Le Plein de super…), will be released in cinemas this Wednesday. This 8th feature film directed by Sébastien Betbeder brings together Thomas Scimeca, Usé and Jonathan Capdevielle.

What is it about ?

In a city in the North of France, Thomas, a freelancer at the local newspaper, has to paint the portrait of Usé, an atypical musician and former candidate for the municipal election. As the two men get to know each other, they discover Jojo’s lifeless body. But he comes back to life…

A libertarian and political fantasy

8th feature film for director and screenwriter Sébastien Betbeder. After Marie et les naufragés, with Vimala Pons, or Le Voyage au Groenland, with Thomas Scimeca, the filmmaker finds the latter again for a new comedy that promises to be wacky and committed.

By taking this starting point of talking about a personality who got into politics, in parallel with music, Tout fout le camp has the common thread of talking above all about people who are less highlighted in the cinema. “It was important to me to show these beings put aside and this marginality that I conceive in life, as in the cinema, as being able to reveal a force, which deserves attention, respect and even admiration.”, explains Sébastien Betbeder in the press kit.

The director claims a punk spirit and a reversal of the codes of the bourgeoisie: “If the film echoes the gloomy atmosphere of recent years, it is to better affirm the possibility of a counter-power, hope in the collective, in excess and disobedience. Through the prism of comedy, he tackles several social issues, such as “the betrayal of the left, the abandonment of the working classes, the rightward shift of minds, police violence.”

Lots of references…

Sébastien Betbeder had several influences in mind for Tout fout le camp. First of all, two films by Alain Cavalier, Le Plein de super “for the strength of a collective” and A Strange Journey “for the clear online story and the incredible emotion that its discovery produced in me”. He also quotes Jacques Rivette, in particular Le Pont du Nord and Haut bas fragile “for these characters projected in a deserted Paris where everything becomes possible and which gives birth to the game.” The director wanted to mix these cinephilic references with memories of a more popular cinema to which he is also very attached, such as the comedies of the 1980s such as Les Compères.

I thought back to films like Bad Taste by Peter Jackson or the Evil Dead trilogy by Sam Raimi

As for the figure of the zombie that he summons with the character of Jojo, he went to draw on gore cinema, “in its dirty and amateur aspect. I like awkward humor and the attraction/repulsion it can cause. I plunged back with pleasure into my teenage memories and thought back to films like Bad Taste by Peter Jackson or the Evil Dead trilogy by Sam Raimi. I wanted to find this DIY aesthetic.”

The cast of the film is varied, with faces from auteur comedy like Thomas Scimeca, but also the singer Usé (Nicolas Belvalette) whose first role in a feature film, or the actor Jonathan Capdevielle, essentially seen on stage, and recently featured in Jerk by Gisèle Vienne.

Tout fout le camp, written and directed by Sébastien Betbeder, will be released in cinemas this Wednesday.

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