The filmmaker and actress Ida Lupino in 4 films available on Arte

The filmmaker and actress Ida Lupino in 4 films available on Arte

The Arte site puts four of his films made at the turn of the 1950s in Hollywood online. The opportunity to dive back into the sensitive and tormented psyche of Ida Lupino.

She was the only female filmmaker in Hollywood’s Golden Age. If director Elmer Clifton hadn’t suffered a heart attack three days after filming beganbefore loving you (1949), commanding to replace him at short notice, Ida Lupino might never have touched a camera.

Actress (of 60 films), producer, screenwriter, yet at the time she had already proven the extent of her talent by writing the script for this film on the ordeal of a single mother forced to abandon her baby in the Puritan America of the 1950s. Lupino signs a vibrant indictment where a heroine, who has become an outcast of society, fights to overcome her trauma. The same dynamic beautifully permeates his subsequent films: To face (1949), about polio striking a dancer; Contempt (1950), about a young accountant victim of rape… (unfortunately absent from this selection). Two other films visible on Arte approach the genre of film noir: the very beautiful Bigamy (1953), love drama about a man torn between two women, where for once the female characters are not sacrificed (and the hero is overwhelming), as well as The Journey of Fearthe same year, a road movie between bad boys, a bit caricatural and less convincing.

The story of human trajectories

As journalist Virginie Apiou reminds us in the short documentary that accompanies this beautiful bouquet, Lupino, fascinated by Rossellini and neorealism, flees facticity in favor of social subjects never treated before. His films go so far as to draw inspiration from news items and real stories, and strike viewers with their lyrical and direct power, through poignant human trajectories, sculpted in a powerful formalism. A fever that could be summed up by this sentence from Joan Fontaine, interpreter of Bigamy and friend of Ida Lupino: “She is a caged tiger”.

The cinema of Ida Lupino on Arte

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