This cult film from the 90s is going to be adapted into a musical

This cult film from the 90s is going to be adapted into a musical

Published on January 17, 2023 at 3:33 p.m.

This cult film from the 90s is going to be adapted into a musical

This cult film from the 90s will be adapted into a musical – © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images

Launched in 2021, the project to adapt the film “Thelma and Louise” (1991) by Ridley Scott into a musical is coming to fruition. Two American actresses have been chosen to take over the roles of Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon.

On January 11, Hollywood was surprised by the absence of Amanda Seyfried at the Golden Globes evening during which she won the statuette for best actress in a mini-series for her role as Elizabeth Holmes in ” The Dropout” (available on Disney+). The reason was professional, reveals “Variety”.

Amanda Seyfried and Evan Rachel Wood in lead roles

According to the American media, the actress has been chosen to play in the musical adaptation of the cult film “Thelma and Louise”. In full “creation process”, reveals “Variety” – hence the absence of Amanda Seyfried -, it should then be played on Broadway. In the casting, Amanda Seyfried (“Mamma Mia”) will be joined by Evan Rachel Wood (“Westworld”, “True Blood”). This musical comedy project, in which Callie Khouri, screenwriter of the cult film, is involved, has been in operation since 2021.

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Film of a generation and feminist symbol

Ridley Scott’s film, released in 1991 and presented at the Cannes Film Festival, stars Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in the roles of Thelma Dickinson and Louise Sawyer. These two women from Arkansas have ten years apart and a very different life, but their common desire for freedom pushes them to hit the road for a few hours of freedom.

They end up becoming inseparable friends during a road trip (one of the most famous of the seventh art) punctuated by a drama, which will transform him into a runaway and will lead them to Arizona. After creating controversy when it was released, because of its assumed violence, “Thelma and Louise” has established itself as a feminist film that has crossed generations. He also participated in revealing Brad Pitt, then 27 years old, in the role of a particularly attractive hitchhiker. The road movie won the Oscar and the Golden Globe for Best Original Screenplay.

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