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“The Eternal Boom – Story of a great unpretentious film” this Friday, January 20, 2023 on France 5 (Trailer)

Success of the 80s, “La Boum” has stood the test of time. A new documentary is devoted to this cult film which launched the career of actress Sophie Marceau. Between archive images, excerpts and testimonies, this documentary, told by Arthur Teboul, the singer of Feu! Chatterton, looks back on the timeless success of this French teen movie. ” La Eternal Boom – A Great Unpretentious Movie Story is to be discovered this Friday, January 20, 2023 at 9 p.m. on France 5.


The Boom News Actual
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A slow, a walkman, three musical notes that will become cults and the face of the favorite teenager of the French: the very young Sophie Marceau. The party is part of our collective imagination. In 1980, the film was a hit in theaters in France and quickly became a social phenomenon. While Sophie Marceau and The party were celebrated last fall by the Cinémathèque, the documentary questions the timeless and permanent aspect of a light and unpretentious film.

In the age of TikTok and dating apps, The party continues to speak to young girls going through adolescence wanting to be Vic. Many testimonials illustrate this nostalgic passion, including those of the actress Suzanne Lindoncomedian Nora Hamzawithe singers Juliet Armanet and Susanthe designer Penelope Bagieuthe journalist Amber Blowtorch. You will also hear from those who have made The party, as Sophie Marceau (at the Cinematheque), Danielle Thompson, Brigitte Fossey, Vladimir Cosma, Richard Sanderson



Here is a small preview of this documentary by Céline Chassé and Julie Peyrard

“The Eternal Boom – Story of a great unpretentious film” this Friday January 20, 2023 at 9 p.m. on France 5. To watch and watch again in streaming, then replay on

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