Did you know ?  The Creator and Showrunner of The Last of Us Directed This Catastrophic Superhero Movie

Did you know ? The Creator and Showrunner of The Last of Us Directed This Catastrophic Superhero Movie

It seems that 2023 already has its phenomenon series of the year! It will indeed have been enough of a single episode for The Last of Us to capture the hearts of critics and the public. Released on January 15 on HBO (the 16th on Prime Video France), episode 1 caused a lot of ink to flow: everyone was under the spell, whether it was the characters, the acting, but above all the story itself!

The Super Heros Movie poster – Youtube credits

The series was co-written by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin who can boast of having done a very good job. Both creator, showrunner and producer of The Last of Us, Craig Mazin is not his first attempt at a small nugget: he is also the father of the acclaimed miniseries “Chernobyl” ( 2019). His talent is clearly no longer to be discussed.

And yet, did you know that before getting there, Craig Mazin had some catastrophic creations to his credit? One in particular has resurfaced on social media. Details !

The Super Heros Movie Parody

Since the release of the first episode of The Last of Us, everyone has been talking not only about the series, but also about those who created and produced it. This is how a Twitter user shared a post about Craig Mazin, in which he praised his work: the user thus posted the poster for The Last of Us, but also for another production by Craig Mazin with the following comment: “Imagine being able to say that you wrote these two masterpieces”.

But the second poster is none other than that of “Super Heros Movie”, a turnip released in 2008 and that many had since forgotten. The feature film is a grotesque parody of superhero movies, including Spider-Man: Super Heros Movie indeed tells the misadventures of a high school student bitten by a genetically modified dragonfly and who becomes a superhero in spite of himself. Throughout the story, there are also parodies of other films like Batman Begins, The Fantastic 4 or even X-Men. The goal is to make people laugh and not take the lead, but sometimes it’s a bit heavy.

A cat that we would all like to forget

Super Heros Movie scored an abysmal 16% on benchmark site Rotten Tomatoes. When we see that the first episode of The Last of Us is rated at 99% there, some have a hard time believing that Craig Mazin really wrote and directed this disaster film.

Nobody had made the connection, as evidenced by the many comments on the tweet sharing the two posters. There are also those who have said that they would rather forget about Super Heros Movie and only think about the good work of Craig Mazin. Everyone is watching episode 2 of The Last of Us. Another week to wait!


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