Alpe d'Huez 2023: with Sage-homme, Melvin Boomer confirms his talent [critique]

Alpe d’Huez 2023: with Sage-homme, Melvin Boomer confirms his talent [critique]

The revelation of Tomorrow’s World and Karin Viard top the bill in this tribute to the hospital world. Full of good intentions, but uneven.

Twelve years after his last feature film, And suddenly I miss everyone (and her beautiful cast: Mélanie Laurent, Michel Blanc, Manu Payet, Géraldine Nakache…), Jennifer Devoldere is making her comeback by taking on a very topical subject – the world of the hospital – to take her in the field of social and moving comedy. The story of Léopold who, since the death of his mother from cancer, has had only one goal in his schooling: to become a doctor. Léopold who falls from above in the college entrance exam when his very remote position in the rankings leads him to integrate the school of midwives by default. Let’s say it straight away, once this situation has been posed, the story will unfold in a way that is too programmatic, too long-awaited to fully arouse support. It is thus not necessary to have very advanced gifts of clairvoyance to suspect that Leopold, initially disgusted by this situation will gradually flourish there.

Wise man also tends to scatter over unexciting sub-plots (love story, Nathalie’s illness, the experienced midwife with a strong character who will take Leopold under her wing, etc.) instead of concentrating on what turns out to be the most successful in the end: the portrait of the daily life of the hospital rich in absurdities, of these obstetricians as fully dedicated to their profession as under pressure. Due to lack of staff. For lack of means. By the way in which the administrative takes precedence over the medical.

So many things certainly known to everyone but which it is never in vain to recall, especially when these scenes are embodied by amazing actors, at the head of which Karin Viard who masters this big-mouthed character with a big heart at her fingertips. and Melvin Boomer. Recently revealed by its impressive composition of Joey Starr in the series The world of tomorrowits charisma, its accuracy, its naturalness and its intensity make us forget many of the faults of a film which never fully rises to the height of its fine intentions.

Sage-homme was presented at the Alpe d’Huez international comedy film festival. It will be released in theaters on March 15.


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