BLACK MOVIE 2023: The poster for the 24th edition!

BLACK MOVIE 2023: The poster for the 24th edition!

It is not without a certain excitement that the International Festival of Independent Films Black Movie is busy preparing for its 24th edition, the first of the post-pandemic period which will see a large number of invited filmmakers return to Geneva. !

As usual, the program will be abundant, and will report on the news of a vibrant, audacious and moving international independent cinema. Snapshots of the state of the world, seen through the prism of the camera and authors from Asia, Africa, Latin America… We invite you to come and admire this entire film mapping from January 20 to 29, 2023.

This year, the Neo Neo graphic designers opt for a kaleidoscopic proposal. The face of Lee Kang-sheng, favorite actor of Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-Liang, is thus diverted and multiplied, frozen in a falsely peaceful posture that contrasts with the chaos of his (our?) environment. The upside-down decor, which is revealed in detail after several glances, confronts cinematographic tropes: the flatness of the suburban house is thus attached to the road of wide open spaces, the vanishing line of the road movie. A hypnotizing assembly that arouses confusion!

A few titles are already pointing the tip of their nose: we will taste the Hong Sang-soo cuvée 2022 under the label of THE NOVELIST’S FILM; we will discover Blanca, feminist heroine and avenger of BLANQUITA by the Chilean Fernando Guzzoni; we will go to 19th century Iceland with GODLAND by Hlynur Pálmason; finally, we will participate in the fight for the reconquest of female bodies through the history of Iranian cinema revisited by filmmaker Mania Akbari in HOW DARE YOU HAVE SUCH A RUBBISH WISH.

First festival of the year, Black Movie invites you to cinemas, places of worship for film lovers like no other, from January 20 to 29, 2023. The Festival will also offer an online section to explore during the same dates. One way or another, everyone will end up at Black Movie, to spend together a winter that promises to be electric!

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